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Life Enhancement Wholesale Registration:

Registering to become a Life Enhancement Wholesaler for LasVegasDiet.com is fast, free and simple. The process starts with you completing the form below.

Once you have completed / submitted the form, there will be a confirmation email sent to you. Next, one of the representatives from LasVegasDiet.com will contact you by phone or email. We make sure all Life Enhancement Wholesalers do not overlap territories and have sufficient funding to carry an adequate supply of LasVegasDiet.com products.

The approval process usually takes 1-3 business days. Upon your approval to become a Life Enhancement Wholesaler, you will have the opportunity to receive Largest discount on all products bought from LasVegasDiet.com.

Your First LasVegasDiet.com Order

You will be expected to spend a minimum of $25,000 to open a Life Enhancement Wholesaler Account.  For those Wholesalers ordering outside the continental USA we will work with you to determine the best way to ship your order.  Products are shipped free within the USA to Wholesalers buying minimum quantities.  On future order when you place more than $1,000 in your shopping cart of any combination of products, you will be asked to insert the Life Enhancement Wholesale Identification Number.  Instantly after inserting your Identification Number your cost will go from $1,000 to your discounted savings.  Remember to insert your Life Enhancement Wholesale Identification Number at time of purchase to receive the Largest discount. Please complete the form below. Welcome to the Team at LasVegasDiet.com. On future orders, Wholesalers spending $1,000 or more product is shipped free within continental USA.

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