Meet Star Life Enhancement Distributors – Benefits of Being a Distributor is proud to offer quality products and equally proud of our Life Enhancement Distributors who use and sell our products worldwide. To become part of the family of Life Enhancement Distributors of you must own or operate any type of business and be 18 years of age or older. Your company can receive discounts and sell all of our products, a few products or only one product if you desire.


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41% off Distributor

Become a Life Enhancement Distributor, it is FREE, you only pay for products, no hidden costs.

Our system is very simple and discounts, bonus program are easy to understand. We offer products at our regular low price to everyone.


To become a Life Enhancement Distributor, you register your company first to obtain 41% discounts. Once you have spent $1,556.18 in one order or spend a total of $1,556.18 during one calendar year, you instantly become a Life Enhancement Distributor. For the balance of the calendar year you qualified in, PLUS, the next year you will be a 41% off purchaser as a Distributor. During the second year, you must qualify by spending $1,556.18 to remain a Distributor for the next year. Each year you quality for the current year and one upcoming year as a Distributor to continue to receive 41% discounts.

Free Shipping on $150 or more Purchases:
No hidden fees. Spend more than $150 per order, once you are a Life Enhancement Distributor and your order is shipped free anywhere in the continental states.

Meet the Stars of the Life Enhancement Distributors


Distributor #1

Distributor #2

Distributor #3


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