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“Be in business for yourself, not by yourself”


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Life Enhancement Distributors: Becoming a Life Enhancement Distributor and buy products at a 41% discount is easy. This is not a MLM company.  We offer discounts for those who want to sell our products through their distribution channels.  There is NO fee or hidden costs to become a Life Enhancement Distributor.  No cost for your personal web site connection or admin area.  No printed materials or anything else to buy.  No monthly mandatory purchases to retain your Life Enhancement Distributor 41% discount.  Becoming a Life Enhancement Distributor allows you to buy products for your personal use at 41% discount and/or if you desire to share the products with others and make  a great profit (41% discount is actually a profit of on your money spent of 69.5%).  See the easy steps / rules to becoming a Life Enhancement Distributor listed below.

41% off Distributor

1.  Any individual / company / business organization where the principle owner is 18 years of age or older can join our Team of Distributors. For those companies / businesses residing outside the United States of America, you can become a Life Enhancement Distributor.  Please contact our office for list of countries we can ship into .

2.  Complete a short form to register as a Life Enhancement Distributor.  This form is how you obtain your FREE Life Enhancement Distributor Identification Number, click here.

3.  On any purchase, after placing $2,637.60 or more of products in your shopping cart, you will automatically be eligible to insert your Life Enhancement Distributor Identification Number.   When you insert the Identification Number you receive an instant 41% discount on your order. Any combination of products, we highly suggest one case of 24 bottles of each Fat Burner with Appetite Suppressant, total $2,637.60 at regular price, after you insert your Life Enhancement Distributor Identification Number on the form, instantly, you price with adjust and you only pay $1,556.18, 41% off.  Yes, you can purchase more than $2,637.60 on your order and the entire order will be discounted 41%.

4. Please note, once you have become a Life Enhancement Distributor, you can buy any quantity from one product or more at 41% off.  However, if you spend less than $150 on an order there will be a shipping flat fee ($8) for anywhere within the continental states.  Shipping costs to Alaska, Hawaii and foreign countries will be calculated per sale.

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Click here – FREE to register and join the Team of Life Enhancement Distributors.

Work from Home Opportunity: Life Enhancement Distributors  money distributors offers any individual / company / business organization where the principle owner is 18 years or older the opportunity to become, for free, a Life Enhancement Distributor.  The Distributorship allows you to share products with others while making 41% profit on their purchases. You will get double satisfaction as you get to help others improve their health and live fulfilling lives while you put money in your pocket.

If you desire to make part of your income, whether full or part time income we stand ready to help you reach your goals.

To reap the rewards of your efforts of sharing the product line to as many people as you desire, you will have the following key points to help you.

41% Discount on all products
41% Discount equals you a return profit of 69.5% when you resell the product at regular price

$5 Direct Discount to your potential clients below regular online prices helping to secure reorders
Work full-time or part-time
Work for yourself — Be in business for yourself, not by yourself
NO Cost to start your business
NO Commuting
NO Set Hours, make your own hours
NO Monthly mandatory stockpiles of inventory
NO Cost for your personal web site connection and administration area
Possible tax benefits
AND many more benefits…please call our office at 702-210-4201 and we will discuss the benefits


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Bonus Program for Life Enhancement Distributors:

10% Bonus Life Enhancement Distributors

Life Enhancement Distributors “Thank You” Bonus –  10% Additional Bonus:  Click here for full details. 


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* Each city, state and country has different rules for operating a business and any paperwork / license you may require. If you desire to become a Life Enhancement Distributor and resell the products we suggest you comply with your local laws.


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* Disclaimer:  Earnings vary depending on each Life Enhancement Distributor and the activities they do to work their businesses.  Life Enhancement Distributor profits vary.  Any references to income on this site represent average earnings and do not guarantee any amount will be earned. 


Please Remember: Individual Buyer and/or Life Enhancement Distributor and/or Life Enhancement Wholesaler agrees not to sell ANY products on discount and/or wholesale web sites such as,, and other similar Internet entities throughout the world at any price. Only has the right to sell on these sites. will sell on those type of sites at the full regular price listed on web site for the individual product.  See Terms of Sale for complete rules.